Appeal to the right organizations and White nations of the Europe

When the Europe Rises
Watch the coming Storm

Russian radical nationalists address to you with explanation of their position regarding the future of Russia and White Civilization as a whole.

Northern Brotherhood is a Russian National Movement which purpose is coming to the government in conditions of approaching crisis when Russian government loses the opportunity to rule.

We are neither political party nor public organization. We are mere Russian nationalists without any alien impurity, firstly in our ideology which follows Patrimonial Traditions of our Origin and nothing else. We are against any totalitarianism and any form of imperial state system in which the person is always suppressed as personality and is exploited like an animal. We are against any so-called "Vertical line of authority" mercilessly plundering regions and aspiring to regulate all and everything even where it has nothing to do at all. We wish to win nobody; we wish to restore the order initially set up by the Creator and our glorious Ancestors on our Land. Nothing else.

It is no secret that present world is on a threshold of global crisis. Natural resources, stocks of minerals are being exhausted. We don’t only know it, but we are also preparing to act in conditions of crisis including force and political actions as well. We are using researches of the Russian scientists specializing on problems in the field of power engineering, gas and oil produce. At the same time we also take into account the predictions of western scientists Forrester and Meadows, which were stated by them in the work "Limits of growth".

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Our scientists and experts tell us and all world, that the infrastructure of extractive industries is worn out at 70-90 % owing to the predatory policy of Kremlin producing companies and general disorder in economy. Due to coming crisis which is expected in the nearest years Russia will not be able to carry out its obligations to the European countries on deliveries of gas and mineral oil. We remind that brotherly to us White Finland depends on deliveries of Russian gas at 100 percent. So– there will be no gas. In one of the days Russian government will simply block a pipe. Russian scientists shout about it, but they are being threatened and forced to be silent. Russian State Company “Gazprom” and producing companies have already organized their own military formations to have an opportunity to defend taken away from people resources when in the cities of Russia energy and resource famine will come.

There is already no opportunity to stop gas switching-off to the Europe. Russian economic and resource-and-raw crisis is inevitable; this crisis will strike across all Europe. We warn about it now and in advance, and we wish to tell that you should not associate brotherly Russian nation with Russian hybrid State which purposefully destroys own people, accustoms them to drinking and exterminates them by drugs, indulges filling of the territory of Russia with migrants. Russian nation and other Slavic nations of the Europe are part of White Race. The Race which is the founder of civilization. All scientific achievements, all modern technologies and masterpieces of culture are created by representatives of White nations. The edge of impact is directed to all of us. Global resource-and-ecological crisis is only a part of facing problems. All these processes appear against a background of ethno-demographic aggression from the South.

In the countries of the Europe more and more migrants multiply displacing indigenous population, bearing alien culture and mentality strange to White people. They are filling up the cities of the Europe. They live to their rules in their communities. Birth rate of immigrants exceeds birth rate of White people in many times. The white Europe is rapidly growing old and dying out.

Total disintegration, drugs, ethnic criminality, muddling lots of people consciousnesses are carried out with the help of mass media. So-called tolerance and false Christian humility prevent White Europeans from declaring their rights openly. Thus the states of the Europe do not notice or do not want to notice all these problems and they tell over and over again about tolerance, assimilation and other politically correct delirium with ram persistence.

The same situation is in Russia. Only due to the vile centralized corrupted bureaucratic state machine Russian government has no chances to remain government in conditions of coming crisis. We know that Russia as a state is doomed to be lost. We know it. It comes out from calculations of leading Russian scientists. But we have not a pity for it. We have not a pity for vampire state-empire of the century which is mocking at Russian nation and all surrounding White nations. On Russian bones imperial-sovereign drag has been strengthening its but not Russian authority, endless interfering in policy of the neighboring countries, and has deserved a nickname "Gendarme of the Europe". The USSR was also an empire and continued begun by vampires business against the countries of the White world due to infringement of the rights, poverty and direct destruction of Russian nation.

Rus is not Russia! Europeans, remember it!* For centuries we have been struggling for emancipation from this octopus. The history of Russia is a history of endless peasantry rebellions and revolts for freedom of Russian nation. Many times we have seen Freedom edge, it seemed it is possible to touch it, but every time the Victory have been slipping through fingers. Doubtlessly, Russia is doomed to be lost. It is our only chance. We are waiting for it. It is the chance to take authority from dying Russia and to build White Free Bright Rus - the State of Russian nation at last.

We will live, operate and fight on post-Russian area influencing on all further existence of White race. In this struggle we have no strategic allies inside the country; they are not here and can’t be. All other forces in Russia are directly interested in preservation of imperial state system model. We wish to direct a vector of Rus development inside - on revival of own people development bases. And we will succeed.

Our external strategic ally can be only the countries named by us "White West". Not authorities of these countries but all the western public and political forces, organizations, elite and intellectual groupings which defend the interests of White Race survival on the basis of returning to civilized models of White middle class. Our tactical external allies are centers of force which are interested in dismantle or pressure upon Russian imperial state structures.

In the coming world White Race will face a cruel choice: to be destroyed in fire of global crises and cataclysms, to be dissolved in aggressive crowd of migrants from the black South and the yellow East or to survive having united all efforts with Rus, to clear our Land and become masters on it.

* - Rus is an ancient name of Russia. See analog in German language: Rus or Russenland and Russland.

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